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  03/17/14 12:10:31 PM

A co-product in the production of Ethanol is DDGS. DDGS is a high protein animal feed that will be sold into the local market by truck, railed to feedlots, or exported by barge or containers overseas. DDGS, once considered a by-product of ethanol production, is becoming more and more important in the ethanol production process. As quality and product consistency increase, DDGS has become an excepted feedstuff often substituting for or replacing corn.  

Center Ethanol's Commodity Merchandiser's market rail and barge quantities of DDGS. 
For more information, please contact:
George Zollner 618-874-7128 or Neil Kulkarni 618-274-6599

CHS of Minnesota markets truck quantities of DDGS.
For more information, please contact: 
Sean Broderick, Brett Peterson or Karen ZumMallen at CHS 800-769-1066

Dry DDGS will be available most days from 7:AM - 3:45PM weekdays.

For pickup availability or additional information, please call 618-874-7128 or 618-274-6599 



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